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Bat Brown long eared on log Hugh Clark Bat Conservation Trust

Interview: All About Bats with Merseyside & West Lancashire Bat Group



Part of the The Living Planet season

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Bats often get given a spooky rep, but their ecological importance suggests we should be doing more to help them. At dusk, bats are fascinating creatures to watch and in the UK can be a very welcome visitor to our gardens and parks. But as buildings are disturbed, old trees are pulled down and former quarries are filled in, bats are losing their natural homes and some species are becoming rarer.

Get to know more about your bat neighbours and how to conserve roost sites by watching our interview with bat expert, Charlie Liggett from Merseyside and West Lancashire Bat Group.

This interview was specially recorded to celebrate Endangered Species Day and LightNight at Home in 2020 and forms part of The Living Planet, our free online programme that explores our relationship with the natural world.


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