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The Future World of Work

It is said that within 10 years, half of today’s jobs will be gone. The Future World of Work challenges audiences to pause and reflect on the factors that bring rise to work and unemployment alike.

Womxn is Work FWOW Jazamin Sinclair 3812

'Womxn is Work', Liv Wynter and Grrrl Power Liverpool. Image by Jazamin Sinclair.

What does the changing face of work mean for business, workers, society and culture? Will we have more spare time but less income? Will we live longer? How do we negotiate this transitionary period?

47% of jobs will disappear in the next 25 years

Cohen Van Balen 75 Watt 11 The Future World of Work FWOW

Developed alongside major employers including the NHS, BBC, Charities and Local Businesses, The Future World of Work provides an arts-led critique of innovation and technology, reimagining work in relation to gender, the gig economy and careers advice for uncertain times. Through workplace artist residencies the project will present speculative works on automation, disablism, and much more. The 18 month programme will culminate in an exhibition at FACT in summer 2019.

Prospect Revenge (2018)

Robertas Narkus invites you to convert your insecurities into cash through Prospect Revenge, a living drama in the making. Narkus participants to join his new antagonising investment scheme that processes rage, disappointment and stress into assets.


The current practice of journalism is under threat by flows of misinformation tools and trolling activities.

Black Obsidian Sound System B O S S The Only Good System is a Soundsystem 2021 Installation view at FACT Photo by Rob Battersby Courtesy of the artists


Liverpool Biennial 2021


Liverpool Biennial 2021: The Stomach and the Port looks at the body and ways of connecting with the world with works from Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S) and Zheng Bo.