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A Speculative Social Model for Assistive Technology

According to Kumari Campbell, ‘ableism’ refers to ‘a network of belief processes and practices that produces a particular kind of self and body that is projected as the perfect, species-typical and therefore essential and fully human. Campbell argues that disability is cast as a diminished state of being human’, a statement Bridget is keen to explore in relation to assistive technology and how it relates specifically to attitudes and experiences in contemporary working life in Liverpool City Region.

This project will consider the role of disability technology in accessibility and inclusion in work and employment. Through the creative development process Bridget will collaborate with service users and peer support groups in Liverpool City Region, local SME’s and the NHS, allowing her to combine insights from diverse sources in the production of an artwork exploring the complex manner in which technology influences perceptions and opportunities for people with differing needs.

Photo: A Constitution of Iron (2017/18).[1]