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Social Care Improv At 81 Renshaw Street  Photo By Amina Bihi 6

Social Care Improv

Social Care Improv At 81 Renshaw Street  Photo By Amina Bihi 7

A night of Social Care Improv at 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool. Photo: Amina Bihi

A night of Social Care Improv is the outcome of Hwa Young Jung's The Future World of Work residency at FACT in partnership with Community Integrated Care. One of seven artists looking at working life in the future, Hwa Young Jung examined the social care sector. According to the Oxford University study, The Future of Employment (2013), the safest jobs from being taken over by robots are ones that involve building complex relationships with people.

Understanding that the top profession safest from automation is mental health and substance abuse social workers, Hwa Young Jung wanted to explore a sector that is struggling with budget cuts and dealing with the future as people live longer into pension age. During her residency, she also looked at the types of technology that could be used and implemented, building on existing innovative work already being piloted, such as Paro the Therapeutic Robot. The state of the social care sector at present can be read here.

Video: Tim Brunsden

This work is supported by Community Integrated Care. Hwa Young Jung is part of The Future World of Work programme, commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in partnership with Liverpool City Council as part of the Liverpool 2018 programme. Residency host: Community Integrated Care.