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Sophie Mak-Schram, Tools of the Talking Trade (still). Image courtesy of the artist.

Tools of the Talking Trade

Our smartphones are double agents of constant freedom and continuous work. As we become ever more native in digital tongues, how is this affecting the ways we communicate in, about and as work? More importantly, what do we now stop working?

Tools of the Talking Trade is based on embodied research at Andrew Collinge's, a hairdressing salon with high standards of customer and staff care, and Immersive Interactive, a technology company that develops and designs interactive rooms. Whilst the hairdressing salon might be characterised by constant communication and a technology-free space, the technology company was one filled with apps and communication software.

Drawing on the modes, rhythms and means of communicating in these two organisations, Tools of the Talking Trade speculates about the future of digital communication and its distinction between work and leisure time. Siri, Alexa and your conversationally-adept hairdresser merge, talking you through a metaphorical haircut that teaches you how to digitally communicate in the future.