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Fact Designing Desire Exhib 031

Designing Desire

Designing Desire brings together the research and ongoing projects of three artists. Their practice operates at the juncture of visual arts, technological production, scientific exploration and political activism to consider the future of 3D printing within diverse but intimately connected areas of interest.

This experimental exploration is not only situated within an arts context (i.e. the ways artists’ outputs are impacted by new technologies) but also approaches 3D rendering and printing as the ideal methodologies to push speculative design further than ever before.

This opening up of the future of materials, bodies, and borders allows us to think about previously unconsidered directions within technological, biological, political and sexual advancement, revealing an ever-increasing possibilities for modding, hacking, and hybridisation. These speculative positions call into question the fixed way we have been taught to think of our bodies, identities, gender and biological capabilities and encourage us to look outside of culturally fixed paradigms. They advocate a re-evaluation of our thinking around interpersonal relations, delving into areas we might consider to be ‘taboo’ in order to explore a less constricted, less hierarchical view of the world. These collected experimental endeavours create a space in which we are able to think beyond the human -looking to other species, or to what we may become- and dare to imagine endless possibilities for our future (and therefore our present) selves.

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