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Joey Holder

Country: UK

Joey Holder’s multimedia installations explore the structures and hierarchies of the technological and natural world. Mixing elements of biology, nanotechnology and natural history against computer program interfaces, screen savers and measuring devices, Holder see’s no object or substance in any fixed state or with any permanent definition, identity or order; everything is transforming and morphing into something else; everything is a mutant and a hybrid.

Joey Holder received her BA Fine Art from Kingston University in 2002 and her MFA from Goldsmiths in 2010. Her recent solo/duo exhibitions include 'Lament of Ur', Karst, Plymouth (with Viktor Timofeev), 'TETRAGRAMMATON', LD50, London (with John Russell), 'BioStat.', Project Native Informant, London, all 2015 and 'HYDROZOAN', The Royal Standard, Liverpool, 2014. Recent group exhibitions include 'The Uncanny Valley', Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; 'Sunscreen', online and at Venice Biennale; 'A Plague of Diagrams', ICA, London; '#WEC - Whole Earth Catalyst', The Composing Rooms, Berlin, all 2015; 'h y p e r s a l o n', Art Basel Miami, 2014; 'Vestige: The Future is Here', Design Museum, London and 'Multinatural Histories', Harvard Museum of Natural History,
Massachusetts, USA, both 2013.