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Fact Designing Desire Exhib 018

The 3D Additivist Cookbook (2017)

One of the starting points for this presentation and series of events was the collaboration between the three exhibited artists within Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke’s open call for their project, The 3D Additivist Manifesto, which resulted in the publication The 3D Additivist Cookbook. #Additivism is a portmanteau of additive and activism: a movement concerned with critiquing ‘radical’ new technologies in fablabs, workshops, and classrooms; at social, ecological, and global scales. The 3D Additivist Cookbook questions whether it’s possible to change the world without also changing ourselves, and what the implications are of taking a position.

Devised and edited by Allahyari and Rourke, the publication is a free compendium of imaginative, provocative works from over 100 world-leading artists, activists and theorists. This hybrid text, also presented in the space, contains .obj and .stl files for the 3D printer, as well as critical and fictional texts, templates, recipes, (im)practical designs and methodologies for living in this most contradictory of times.

Digital and hard-copies of the Cookbook are available at: