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Fact Designing Desire Exhib 006

The Fellatio Modification Project (2015)

The Fellatio Modification Project is Kuang-Yi Ku’s artistic, speculative application of the biological techniques of dentistry and tissue engineering. Trained formally as a dentist as well as a designer, Ku presents a series of oral transformations aimed at the enhancement of sensory pleasure during oral sex, specifically among gay men. With the application of dental technologies usually relegated to the curing of illness or ‘fixing’ and restoration, Ku aims to extend and refine oral function, whilst thinking about the ways in which different kinds of sexual preferences shape our behaviours, cultures, and even our outwardly distinguishable characteristics.

In the field of dentistry, there are three main functions of the oral cavity: aesthetics, language (pronunciation), and mastication (chewing). This project focuses more on the overlooked fourth function: physical intimacy and sex, left undiscussed within dentistry textbooks and practice. Within these, and most other fields, the physical pleasure of orgasm is never seriously discussed although it exists as a constantly present human pursuit. His project foregrounds the interrelation between sex, technology, society and the human in the examination of physical pleasure, by raising the question of how these factors might combine to enact extreme corporal transformation or augmentation.

Shown here are a collection of items used in the development of prototypes of pleasure enhancing prosthesis, as well as a 3D printed skull illustrating the possible physical modifications (which follow sexual behaviours and preferences) to which this type of enquiry might lead.