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Chris Sugrue, Base 8, 2011. Photo by Brian Slater.

Robots and Avatars

This major new exhibition opening in March 2012 showcases some of the most exciting ideas from international artists and technologists.

Exploring our desire to exist in both virtual and physical worlds, and the steady integration of humans with technology, Robots and Avatars brings together artworks that find physical limbs rendered into pixels through the act of touch, collaborative landscapes stretching beyond the confines of popular gaming, and wearable technology that guides and confounds.

Throughout the exhibition we will have video documentation on display in our galleries, where you can see the work in action, and find out more about individual projects. If you have any questions please talk to one of our Gallery Assistants, or ask to speak to Joan Burnett, our Visitor Services Manager.

Co-produced in the UK by body>data>space (London) and FACT (Liverpool), in collaboration with the National Theatre (London). European co-organisers are KIBLA (Maribor/Slovenia) and AltArt (Cluj Napoca/Romania). With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union, this project was conceived by lead producer body>data>space in association with NESTA.

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