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Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths and Marloes de Valk, Naked on Pluto, 2010.

Awarded with the VIDA 13.2. Prize in 2011, Naked on Pluto is a playful yet disturbing online game world that parodies the insidiously invasive traits of "social software". In the city of "Elastic Versailles" a community of 57 AI bots glean Facebook data from subscribers to the game. Naked on Pluto caricatures the virtual agents that harvest our personal data to reshape our online environments and profiles, and highlighting the hallmarks of major social networks: friends as quantifiable and commodifiable online assets, personas carefully fashioned contrived to impart a sense of "intimacy", and the disingenuous publishing of "private" data as self-advertising. The emergence of intelligence in this game is ultimately, hopefully, that of the player who manages to escape from it.