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Alastair Eilbeck and James Bailey


Country: UK

They realised their first landmark project, handprint, in December 2008, a public installation which engaged the thousands of people who pass through Manchester's, Piccadilly Gardens. Projecting volunteers' handprints onto the side of the 105m tall City Tower. A major reworking of handprint will form part of the Northwest Cultural Olympiad in 2012 as part of the WE PLAY programme of events. A record of the first installation can be seen at

Their next major self-initiated project, Trinity entered development in late 2009 as an installation for Manchester's main railway station which 85,000 people use every day. This project remains under wraps, but will be realised in a three week residency in 2012.

Working from the North West of England, the artists are also responsible for two permanent, interactive commissions for a new build National Health Service, Neighbourhood Health Centre in Liverpool. Wishing Well is operational in an outdoor courtyard and 26:14:17 interrupts the tension of a waiting room. Both works combine a physical artefact with an online community component that allows the pieces to grow and change over time, drawing content from the people that encounter them. As a focal point for the community, potential users have been put at the heart of each work.