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Installation view of Group Therapy Mental Distress in a Digital Age at FACT, 2015. Photo by Brian Slater.

Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age

Originating from our extensive work within mental health and wellbeing, the exhibition explores the complex relationship between technology, society, and mental health.

It is commonly noted that one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health issue at some time in their lives. What is less often discussed is why in a wealthy and technologically advanced part of the world, so many of us continue to struggle with poor mental health.

For many the presence of digital technologies is exacerbating this problem, by altering our sense of self and our social relationships. Meanwhile, others suggest that technological innovation is a crucial tool for finding new ways to improve the lives of those who experience social isolation, illness and emotional distress.

“This show is full of possibilities and potential navigation's and solutions rather than anything else. It explores how we, as stupid, sensitive, fallible humans, navigate the world and our place within it.”

The Skinny

Group Therapy presents a diverse collection of artworks, research and design innovation exploring connections between mental health and the values, political conditions, and technologies that that structure our lives. It frames mental health not as problem that affects a small cohort of people living on the fringes of society, but as a social issue that plays a part in all of our lives. To emphasise this, the exhibition and many of the works within it are designed to prompt visitors to reflect on their own mental state, by creating experiences that bring awareness to the body and mind.

Exhibition design created by Benjamin Koslowski.

Co-curated by Dr Vanessa Bartlett.

“Good mental health is valuable to us all, and I for one support alternative spaces where people can get support and feel loved.”

Disability Arts Online

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