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Lauren Moffatt, Not Eye, 2013. Photo by Brian Slater.

Not Eye is a digital stereoscopic film that explores the relationship between the eye and the camera, between the body and the machine. The film’s central character is a woman who has constructed a helmet fitted with two cameras, which replace her eyes. She wears her helmet in public and films everything that surrounds her. Doing so makes her feel protected from the gaze of others and the constant presence of surveillance. We encounter the woman during an interview with an unknown man, an exchange that could be interpreted as therapy or interrogation.

The viewer is invited to contemplate whether the woman is emotionally unstable or is in fact making a very understandable attempt to protect herself from a surveillance-obsessed society.

Developed with Binocle 3D (Director Yves Pupulin) and Expanded 3Digital Cinema Lab Karlsruhe (Director Ludger Pfanz). Courtesy of the artist and Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, 2013