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Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a), Labyrinth Psychotica, 2013. Photo by Brian Slater.

Labyrinth Psychotica offers a physical and mental translation of what it is like to be in psychosis. The visitor is fully immersed in the mesmerizing, adventurous, and confronting world of psychosis. With surprises lurking around each bend the Labyrinth creates a distorted experience of space and time, brimming with additional meaning.

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth consists of a single path that twists and turns towards a centre. It is believed that to walk a labyrinth is to embark on a spiritual journey towards oneself. Many believe that psychosis is a spiritual emergency or personal crisis that re-creates The Self.

Labyrinth Psychotica thus becomes a metaphor for psychosis, of losing and finding oneself, and for how beautiful yet terrifying the experience can be.

Please be aware this work contains flashing lights and we advise that, for their own safety, visitors prone to migraines or with epilepsy do not enter Labyrinth Psychotica.

Supported by Johnson & Johnson Citizenship Trust in collaboration with Fonds Psychische Gezondheid, with additional support from Mondriaan Fund. Courtesy of the artist.