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Tania Candiani

Country: MX

With extensive experience in Mexico and internationally, Candiani (b.1974, Mexico) is interested in the complex intersection between language systems, sound, and logics of technology.

he large-scale projection Machine For Flying Besnier (1673) by Tania Candiani was made in zero gravity in Star City in Russia, as part of the Matters of Gravity project. Candiani, who represented Mexico at the Venice Biennale last year, works with disappearing technologies and the poetic uses of engineering. Projected onto Ropewalks Square, this new work, shown for the first time in the UK, is based on pioneering anti-gravitational devices and marvellous inventions that were ahead of their time.

There is some nostalgia for the obsolete in her work, which seeks to make explicit both the discursive content of artifacts, and projections for the future envisioned in the past. Her translation processes between sound, words, patterns, and machines create discursive associations and reveal logics of thinking.

Candiano’s creative processes continue linked with language, and her intention is increasingly oriented towards the materiality of sound, the idea of the automaton, the possibilities of mechanisms and the sensible experience with architecture.