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Tania Candiani, Machine For Flying Besnier, 1673. Photo by Stephen King.

Machine for Flying, Besnier 1673 (2015)

Some of the works within No such Thing As Gravity literally deny the existence of gravity. One of these is Tania Candiani's Machine for Flying Besnier 1673. In her performance (originally part of the Matters of Gravity project in Mexico) and the subsequent video documentation which can be seen here, the artist re-enacts the failed flight of the French locksmith Besnier during a recent microgravity flight in Star City.

Machine for Flying Besnier 1673 is based on pioneering anti-gravitational devices; marvellous inventions that were ahead of their time, artifacts designed to make possible the dream of flying, challenging gravity and the human body itself. In-keeping with Candiani's re-purposing of the past, fueled by her intense and poetic research into those lost moments of magic and technology, this project consists of reconstructing devices which failed their original objectives. The artist, by placing these fantastical objects in an environment other than that in which they were created, in this case within micro-gravity, grants them the possibility to finally be successful.

Supported by the Embassy of Mexico to the United Kingdom.