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Digital Native


Country: Indonesia

Digital Nativ is Miebi Sikoki & Rudi Nurhadi.

This digital fabrication studio based Jakarta, Indonesia, takes concepts from research through development and into manufacture. Founded out of passion for creating compelling, iconic, simply disruptive brand building tools and experiences that connect with end-users regardless of category or industry.

Their projects centre around the adoption of technology as part of their creative process. The systems they create are digital materials, which through applied parameters, evolve inherent properties and behaviors, giving form to ideas.

This experimental disposition may not always manifest in immediate commercial application. Rather, it is an investment in longevity - from the exploration of these technological processes, they are cultivating an information bank, of which tangible benefits can be derived.

Thinkers, builders, programmers and dreamers with a tendency towards complexity, Digital Nativ turn simple rule sets and local interactions into deep user experiences, pushing the boundaries of future possibilities.

"Their works are always interactive but also kind of big. But the one thing that they always have in their work is human factor. It’s all human-centric art pieces, using technology as an enabler. So it’s not about putting the technology front and foremost, it’s about using technology to get at something deeply human." Miebi Sikoki, Digital Nativ on collaborating with Invisible Flock.

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