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Aurora is an experience like no other. Step inside the cave-like vaults of Toxteth Reservoir for a 40-minute ‘walk on water’. Through dark chambers and between towering iron arches, water surrounds, floods and falls around you, both beautiful and terrifying. The sights, sounds and wonder of an ice cave, a tropical rainforest and monsoons unfold before you. Because when we understand that water is more precious than oil or gold, we view everything differently.

Created by internationally renowned artists Invisible Flock, Aurora uses state of the art interactive technologies, soundscapes, lasers and ice sculptures to captivate the beauty and power of water, set within the cavernous walls and cloisters of the reservoir.

It is all about water. The Toxteth Reservoir used to hold 2 million gallons of it and now sits empty. For three weeks in September 2018, artists from all over the world will create a totally unique type of experience that will feel like walking through a waking dream about water. A global story full of legends, innovation, magic and beauty, set inside one of Liverpool's Victorian hidden gems.

Young people from King’s Leadership Academy, Holy Family Catholic Primary School, St Silas C of E Primary School and Matthew Arnold Primary School collaborated with James Hamilton and Simon Fletcher and Invisible Flock to create the soundscape of Aurora.

This collaboration took place over a short period of time with an intensive programme of workshops to prepare for the recording of a musical performance inside Toxteth Reservoir. The audio recorded from the performance would later go on to create the soundscape that visitors heard when experiencing Aurora.

The young people and teachers joined FACT's Learning Team on an unknown adventure, trusting us and the artists and gained the opportunity to learn about a big production that included sound, lasers, interactive technology.