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States of Play: Roleplay Reality Learning Guide

The roles we play, both on and offline, reflect and shape our realities. States of Play: Roleplay Reality considers how roleplay - found in many video games - can be used as a way to reflect and question real-world power structures and suggest ways to move beyond these.



Under Cinema - Learning Guide

Wu Tsang’s new solo show at FACT investigates the ways in which artistic practice can be a platform for less mainstream narratives, different from Western culture and traditional gender discourse.


Wu Tsang Under Cinema At Fact  Photo Jon Barraclough 2

An Emotional Response to Lesions in the Landscape

Dominic Martin visits our current exhibition Lesions in the Landscape, which seeks to draw parallels between one woman’s experience of amnesia and the evacuation of St.Kilda’s island in 1930.


Shona Illingworth: Lesions in the Landscape, FACT, 2015. Photo by Jon Barraclough