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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Shared Language



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In 2021, we identified 7 key objectives in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan:

  • Shared Language
  • Training and Implementation
  • Recruitment
  • Rewrite Monitoring Forms
  • Board Recruitment, Programme Advisory Panel
  • Supply Chain

Our first action focused on the shared language around diversity and inclusion. Through staff training and consultation with external focus groups, our objective was to write a working glossary of the terms and explanations we use. By having a glossary, we are able to develop a shared language around EDI for internal and external communications to move towards a more radical visibility in regards to inclusion.


This is the first working iteration of our shared language and how we define the terms we use most often in relation to EDI. We took keywords from the Arts Council England guidelines and used an online mind mapping tool called Miro, to explore and further understand what we, as FACT, mean by these terms both in practice, and theoretically.

After identifying the key areas to be unpacked (including: community, access, opportunity, representation and relevance), we invited Liverpool-based activist Natalie Denny into the organisation to advise us both on the choice of terminology, and to help us settle on our working definitions of these terms.


Examples of Using our Shared Language Resource

  • When writing our Equal Opportunities forms (e.g asking people how they identify rather than creating selections)
  • When inviting artists and participants into the organisation (e.g making access riders and artist working contracts a standard practice)
  • The language we use in our communication channels (e.g always putting the person first, and not using terms or acronyms which do not align with our ethos, such as 'BAME')
  • To be used as part of any induction process at FACT (both for staff members, and collaborators such as artists), with a review point 6 months from publishing

We acknowledge that this is the first step in several more pieces of work and research relating to the EDI Action Plan and in practice. We recognise the need to review, refresh and add to the shared language map as much as necessary in the future through regular working groups and set review points.

You can download the Shared Language document in the following formats: