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Broken Symmetries opens with Liverpool LASER Talks



Part of the Winter 2018 season

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To open our new exhibition, Broken Symmetries, we partnered with Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendevouz) to bring a series of talks from artists and scientists who are pushing the boundaries of artist research and deepening engagement with science.

This series of Liverpool LASER talks are Introduced by Professor Caroline Wilkinson, Director of the School of Art and Design (LJMU) and Monica Bello, Co-Curator of Broken Symmetries and Curator & Head of Arts at CERN.

Watch the talks below.

The Collide Award

What is the Collide International Residency Award and how do artists and scientists meet in the abstract field?

Chaired by Mónica Bello (Arts at CERN).

Panel: Yu-Chen Wang, Lea Porsager and Yunchul Kim (exhibiting artists, Broken Symmetries).

Art & Science

Dive deeper into the artistic and scientific concepts behind Broken Symmetries and question how we can create a space and language through art to enable scientific conversations.

Chaired by Mark Wright (FACT, Liverpool John Moores University).
Panel: Juan Cortés (exhibiting artist, Broken Symmetries), Professor Tara Shears (University of Liverpool), James Bridle (exhibiting artist, Broken Symmetries) and Helga Timko (CERN).

Broken Symmetries

How does abstraction help us to understand the universe, and how can we form new languages where standard forms fail? Can the collision of art and science help us to describe the invisible?

Chaired by Jose-Carlos Mariategui, Curator of Broken Symmetries.
Panel: Monica Bello (Arts at CERN), Seth Ayyaz, Diann Bauer, Jack Jelfs and Haroon Mirza (exhibiting artists and collaborators, Broken Symmetries).