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FACT Launches Cult Film Season



Part of the Autumn/Winter 2019 season

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To tie in with a brand new season of exhibitions and events, FACT presents a trilogy of cult-classic film.

New exhibition you feel me_ takes a close and sensitive look at the dynamics of power which we experience in daily life, both online and offline. It is these power systems that rule our actions, opinions and responses to the world around us, and to each other.

This three-part film series has been curated to root the viewer right within the context of the exhibition, offering a whole new dimension of understanding through compelling cinematography and storytelling, spanning societal structures and social justice.

M belladonna of sadness

Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

Written by Eiichi Yamamoto, the 1973 Japanese animated feature Belladonna of Sadness tells the story of a beautiful village girl (Jeanne) who marries for love (Jean), but faces tragedy when an evil lord rapes her on her wedding night and proceeds to ruin her and her husband's lives. After she's banished from her village, the girl makes a pact with the devil to gain magical ability and take revenge.

Screening: Wednesday 20 Nov / 19:00 / Booking essential (18+)


Barbarella (1968)

Jane Fonda plays Barbarella, an astronaut from idyllic 41st century Earth and who sets out to find and stop the evil scientist Durand-Durand, whose Positronic Ray threatens to bring evil back into the galaxy.

Screening: Wednesday 11 Dec / 19:00 / Booking essential (18+)

Daughter of the dust 1991 002 women under parasol on beach full shot

Daughters of the Dust (1991)

The inspiration behind Beyonce’s Lemonade video, dreamlike film Daughters of the Dust is the first successfully distributed feature film to be directed by an African-American woman (Julie Dash). Set in 1901 on the South Carolina island of St Helena, Daughters of the Dust tells the story of three generations of women as they prepare to migrate North to the mainland, where a new future awaits them.

Screening: Wednesday 12 Feb / 19:00 / Booking essential (12A)

Book tickets using any of the links above, or save yourself £6 and get a season ticket to access all three screenings (available via booking page).

Are you an Art Fund member? Enjoy 50% off our film season (please show your card to gain reduced priced entry).

Cover Image: Daughters of the Dust (1991).