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Praline rebrands FACT Liverpool



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Praline, a London-based creative design agency, has been commissioned to create the new visual identity for FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) Liverpool, a leading organisation for the support and exhibition of film, art and new media.

Praline worked closely with FACT Liverpool throughout the development of the new brand strategy, which launched on the 13th of April. Looking forward at the brand’s future, this rebrand emphasises FACT’s role as one of the major players in the UK’s creative scene with an international reach, anchored by a vibrant building but not limited by its physical location. In line with FACT’s mission to support, produce and present world-class visual art at the intersection of creative media and digital technology, the new identity had to bring FACT into a new era that puts art in the foreground.

“FACT is a fantastic institution with an incredible heritage”, says Praline founder David Tanguy. “FACT is at the forefront of innovation and openness; we had to celebrate this in the new visual identity. Following an initial workshop with FACT staff and stakeholders, the design brief was pretty much: ‘let’s reinvent FACT and challenge it all’.”

"We now have a dynamic, fresh and contemporary identity for FACT that can communicate our vision and ambitions for the future. We loved the concept of a frame, of a window into FACT but also a window out onto the world. What our work with Praline has created is not just a hugely attractive visual brand but also a new way of communicating who FACT is and our values for excellence, engagement and collaboration." Ana Botella, Head of Programme, FACT Liverpool.

"Any rebrand comes with a mix of emotion, nostalgia and personal tastes. Praline perfectly combined holding a mirror up to our organisation, celebrating who we are, whilst at the same time focussing us on why we needed and wanted to better communicate the diverse strands of work we do here at FACT. Every stage of the process brought new ideas and excited anticipation. I absolutely love the approach and the results which will translate perfectly across platforms." Pippa Lea, Head of Marketing and Communications, FACT Liverpool.

The rebrand preserves the well-known name FACT Liverpool, now coupled with a shift towards more image-led communications: a show, don’t tell attitude. This branding solution introduces a new logotype that expands and adapts to make space for visual content, emphasising FACT’s role as a place where people, art and technology meet. The identity was built with flexibility in mind, and the logo can be easily fitted to use across media formats and animation. Other notable elements of the identity are a new colour palette and redesigned website, to be launched in the coming months.