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Community Cinema

In 1988, two students living and studying in Liverpool recognised the lack of spaces for showing artist film and video in the city. Built on an ethos of collaboration, experimentation and knowledge sharing, they started to organise screenings in venues and hidden locations across Liverpool and so the story of FACT began.

Over three decades later, we continue to champion the importance of moving image as an artform and ensure there are open and accessible spaces where film can be enjoyed by all.

Together, we can rethink what a cinema can be - immersive, interactive and extraordinary - a magical place where we gather in the dark to learn new perspectives and discover untold stories from the characters on screen, the people behind the camera and our fellow film lovers around us.

Community Cinema is a space and programme at FACT for filmmakers, artists, grassroots organisers and community organisations to screen films. Presented in The Box, our ground floor cinema space, Community Cinema screenings can welcome up to 50 guests. We want to support your screening by sharing our resources and expertise, this includes:

Event Support

  • Up to 4 hours in The Box, Mondays - Wednesdays anytime, and Thursdays and Fridays until 6pm

  • Setting up the cinema screen for your event

  • Testing your film or content prior to the event

  • Providing you with a technician and usher for the event

  • Administrative guidance for film licensing, screening fees and certification

  • Health and safety support and award-winning Covid-19 protection measures

Marketing & Promotion

Providing us with the information about your screening 8 weeks in advance enables us to:

  • Manage the sale of your tickets and box office. Sales minus customer booking fees will be sent directly to you.

  • Include your Community Cinema screening in the film listings on our website which receives more than 1.3 million visits each year

  • Include your Community Cinema screening in our newsletter sent to over 20,000 subscribers

  • Share your screening on our social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Include your screening in our events listings that are sent to local and regional press on a monthly basis.

  • If your screening is planned more than 3 months in advance, we will include your Community Cinema screening in our quarterly what’s on printed guide distributed across Liverpool City Region.

The Box. Image by Drew Forsyth
The Box Liverpool Cinema Hire Boutique Screen
Liverpool LASER Talks The Box Audience

Who can become a Community Cinema partner?

  • Independent filmmakers

  • Artists and artist collectives

  • Charities or community interest companies (CICs)

  • Members of LARC (Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium) or COoL (Creative Organisations of Liverpool)

  • Film clubs or societies

If you are not eligible to become a Community Cinema partner but are interested in hiring our cinema, please contact Your hire will help to support our Community Cinema and ensure we can keep running costs to a minimum. You can also choose to pay it forward and support Community Cinema further by making a donation during your hire.

How much does it cost to screen a film in the Community Cinema?

FACT is a charity and funded by Arts Council England and Liverpool City Council. Everything we do is not-for-profit and the cost for screening a film simply covers our team’s time to ensure your screening is set up and supported from start to end.

Individual artist, filmmaker or artist collective: £300

Organisation, charity or society: £500

*Corporate: Price on request

Our costs are fixed to promote fairness and transparency for our community. However, we understand that this cost is not affordable to all and where possible, we raise additional funds through Corporate Cinema hire to offer reduced rates to Community Cinema partners.

*If you would like to discuss Corporate Cinema hire further, please contact

Community Cinema Partners

Join our Community Cinema, you'll be in good company!

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