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Lei Cox, Skies over FlowerField, 1998. Installation view at FACT.

Re: [Video Positive]: Archiving Video Positively

Curated to celebrate the launch of our original online archive, the exhibition illustrated current issues in preservation and presentation of 'old' media art.

At the time our online archive project documented over 20 years of technological innovation at the service of artists. Focusing on our groundbreaking festival, Video Positive, the exhibition re-staged and re-contextualised a selection of work for new audiences. It highlighted the challenges, obstacles and surprises encountered in the process of creating an online archive and representation of our living history.

Artworks by David Hall, Judith Goddard, Lynn Hershmann, Lei Cox, Keith Piper, Imogen Stidworthy and Michael Curran, have been re-staged. A new commission by artists Thomson & Craighead, outside Gallery 1 coincided with the exhibition.

The re-production and re-presentation of some of these pieces will acquaint audiences with issues stemming from the rapid evolution of technology and the imminent threat of obsolescence. The artworks on view represent different case-studies, establishing a dialogue between the artist's original vision for the piece and the passage of time with its effect on technology. Each piece will tell its own individual story and the rationale behind its presentation and preservation. A few works appear in their original form and medium, but most have undergone processes to upgrade their hardware and/or software components. Some works are impossible to re-create and will be present only in documentation form.

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