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David Hall, A Situation Envisaged: The Rite II (Cultural Eclipse), 1989. Installation view at FACT.

A Situation Envisaged: The Rite II (Cultural Eclipse) (1989)

David Hall's installation presents a tower of monitors facing the wall; their TV broadcasts appear eclipsed and their original message transformed into an aura of coloured light and musical score (composed by David Cunningham). One monitor, in the centre, shows a 30-line image like those used in the historical transmissions of John Logie Baird in the 1920s. The piece comments on the iconic and magical nature of electricity and communication technologies.

A Situation Envisaged: The Rite II (Cultural Eclipse) was restaged on the occasion of Signs of the Times exhibition at Modern Art Oxford (1990) and Paris (Centre d'Art Contermporain, La Ferme du Buisson, 1993/94) using similar monitors and analogue video content. For Re: [Video Positive] this content has been digitised and updated, but is presented in classic video-wall monitors.

A practicing sculptor in the 60s, David Hall became a key activist for the new medium of video in the UK in the 70s. Among other achievements he was a founder of London Video Arts and in his theoretical and academic texts coined the term 'time-based media'. In his video installations and television pieces he introduces artistic and conceptual reflections on contemporary mess media by subverting their expected form, message and reception habits.

David Hall's work is currently being archived by the REWIND video research and preservation project at the University of Dundee.