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Ivy Kalungi, New Trail, Old Stories (2019). Installation view at OUTPUT Gallery.

New Trail, Old Stories

OUTPUT Gallery
32 Seel St
L1 4JJ

Open 11:00-18:00 daily
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New Trail, Old Stories explores the potential of transitional spaces in an immersive installation including a four-channel video of archival material and sculptures that feature nostalgia sentiments.

Developed during her artist residency at FACT, Ivy Kalungi focuses on contemporary traces of memory to address the theme of collective memory, inspired by storytelling.

Exhibited at OUTPUT Gallery, New Trail, Old Stories investigates collective history and memory in Kalerwe, a village just outside of Uganda's capital city, Kampala. The videos exhibited reflect personal, environment and shared experiences within the community from the late 1950’s onwards.

Using her personal experience of belonging to an African diaspora, Kalungi led two workshops during her residency that discussed memory. The varied responses she received (circling around the idea of storytelling and how to sustain collective memory) prompted her to ask the following questions about respectful archiving, “how do we make meaning from the past?” and “how can we sustain it?”

"For me it’s being able to connect to a place, object or person."

Ivy Kalungi

Ivy Kalungi and New Trail, Old Stories is supported by the HOPE + FACT Residency Programme, a partnership between FACT and Liverpool Hope University.

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