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Call to collaborate on Feminist Queer Platform


Event passed

Tickets no longer available.

Part of the Spring 2019 season

Aay Liparoto, our artist-in-residence for the next two months, is looking for collaborators to help co-create an online knowledge network for feminist queer arts and social practice.

If you're interested in feminist queer spaces/collectives, arts/social practices, open source tools or online knowledge sharing and are willing to share your local knowledge of Liverpool then join us at FACT on Tue 4 June from 19:00-21:00 to find out more.

Aay will be introducing their ongoing project and artistic practice which touches a range of topics including intimacy co-authorship, privacy, and the examination of normative gender performance.

Register your interest by emailing Aay ( or just drop-in last minute.

Snacks and refreshments provided. Meet in the Learning Space in FACT Foyer. All bodies welcome. If you can't make this group but are still interested get in touch by email as we will be having more sessions over the next months.

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