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It is time to question how/where we gather our knowledge and who gets to create knowledge and ‘facts’. Feminist, Queer and intersectionally focused performance, video, film and spaces are sites of knowledge creation by continuing to questioning both how we live and how we could live differently. Due to the often precarious and transitory nature of these projects, they have a great need to be recorded in the public domain, yet struggle to fulfil the criteria for existing open source structures such as Wikipedia. Wikipedia offers the illusion of inclusion, whilst maintaining normative patriarchal concepts of knowledge creation (via referencing structures) and system biases (predominantly male contributors). Why have certain types of knowledge been marginalised from contemporary online encyclopedias? How can we use artistic strategies to address this?

Not Found On’s aim is to create a wiki platform and to develop an inclusion guide for feminist, queer and intersectional projects, artists, curators, spaces and publications. The platform will function as free, editable resource and a space to question what knowledge is created by artistic practice/how can they be recorded in relation to each other as a valuable resource. Developing a publication for in real life (IRL) workshops to encourage greater participation in archiving our own artistic communities.

This work is realised within the framework of the European Media Art Platforms EMARE program at FACT with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union.