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Liliane Lijn, moonmeme,  1992 - 2011. Photo by Brain Slater.

moonmeme (1992 - 2011)

Liliane Lijn's moonmeme is a homage to the feminine principle of transformation and renewal that for millennia was held sacred in the form of the full moon and its recurring cycle. In this as-yet unrealised work a single word is projected across the lunar surface - large enough to be seen from Earth. As the entire lunar surface is revealed, over the course of its cycle, 'SHE' emerges from its gender opposite 'HE'.(This transformation between basic gender opposites is possible in English as well as in a number of other languages.) In using the lunar surface as a living screen the artist is also signalling the concern that the moon could one day be used for advertising and propaganda. Once it becomes possible to project onto the lunar surface, some control mechanism will be necessary to protect it from exploitation.