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Lea Porsager


Tired Tantric Experiment (single-channel 3D film with sound (62:00 mins); Daybeds (foam-mattresses, bedspreads (dimensions variable); anaglyph 3D glasses; Sushumna Nadi Avatar (original neutrino horn from CERN)

The work of Lea Porsager seeks to associate spirituality, sensuality and language, offering alternative means by which to experience and situate science today. CØSMIC STRIKE sites a ‘neutrino horn’, from CERN’s archive, alongside an immersive 3D animation.

The work explores the neutrino: an enigmatic, mysterious particle that challenges some of the models currently being researched in contemporary science. The neutrino horn is an instrument used by scientists at CERN as they conduct experiments to test theories about the particles, focusing neutrinos into a sharp beam. Through the 3D animation, the viewer is invited to experience ‘neutrino-imaginations’ from the inside of the horn: in the work, the horn becomes a ghostly container of oscillation, vibrations and irritation.

CØSMIC STRIKE is a superposition of hard science and loopy mysticism which aims to invoke a repetitive, occult, and oddly interstellar scene. By disrupting quantum technologies with esoteric propositions, Porsager’s work engages with a myriad of impossible and impassable worlds, with a suggestive call for other perceptions.

Courtesy of the artist. This work was developed as part of the Collide International Award, a partnership programme between Arts at CERN and FACT, and was co-produced by ScANNER. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. With special thanks to Joasia Krysa.