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Yarli Allison

Country: UK/France


Yarli Allison is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, UK/Paris-based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that traverses sculpture, digital, performance, film, drawing and installation.

As the third generation of British, Cantonese and Canadian diaspora and born in Canada herself, Yarli was raised in Hong Kong before relocating to Europe. Her frequent relocations and mixed identities have focused her attention to the collective uprootedness and solidarity of migrant demographic groups. In her works, she fabricates imagined worlds that consist of her invented survival tactics and coping mechanisms, often in interaction with personas or creatures.


Latest articles

Virtual Tour: Future Ages Will Wonder

Explore a virtual tour of Future Ages Will Wonder, a major group exhibition that presents an “alternative museum” of artworks that use science and technology to question our past and offer new ways of understanding who we are and where we belong.


Yarli Allison Cigarette Cards Ethnic Chinese Seafarers in Britain 1900s 2021 Image by Drew Forsyth

Podcast: Gaining Ground with Yarli Allison & Boedi Widjaja

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast series, Gaining Ground, hosted by our curator-in-residence, Annie Jael Kwan. In this first episode, Annie chats with artists Yarli Allison and Boedi Widjaja whose work is on display at FACT for exhibition, Future Ages Will Wonder.


Boedi Widjaja A Tree 记因 基亿 2021 Image by Rob Battersby Installation view at FACT WEB RES

Blog: Exploring Liverpool's old Chinatown in Future Ages Will Wonder

Future Ages Will Wonder, a major exhibition of works by nine UK and international artists is now open at FACT. Explore an ‘alternative museum’ that includes a reconstruction of Liverpool’s old Chinatown and tells the stories of its lost Chinese sailors who were abruptly repatriated following World War II.


Yarli Allison In 1875 We Met At the Docks of Liverpool 於梨花埠遇上 2021 Image by Drew Forsyth