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Oliver Walker

Country: UK and Germany

Oliver Walker, born in Liverpool, 1980, studied Fine Art in Bristol and received an MA in ‘Art in Context’ from the UdK Berlin (University of the Arts). He uses live art, interventions and new media to investigate social and political systems. Criticism, humour and innovations are used to analyse and partly reconfigure these systems. His Mr Democracy project (2008) saw the production of a written constitution for the UK outsourced to China, and was presented in the form of 1000 speaking dolls and a three-screen video installation documenting the entire production process. In Bringing the Market Home (2009) an African financial index was used to control a lighting circuit in a museum in Berlin, establishing a physical connection between the trading actions in finance markets in some parts of the world, and the consequences in everyday situations in others. He has been living and working in Berlin since 2006.