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Miku Aoki

Country: Japan

Born December 5, 1996, Miku Aoki graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting. In March 2020, she graduated and was invited to the Aichi Triennale 2019 as the youngest exhibiting artist (exhibited at the Nagoya City Museum of Art).

One day at the age of 18, the mother informed her that she is a child conceived by artificial insemination between spouses, as her parents had longed for a child. It was also the moment she felt there was a reason for the “excessive love from an unusual mother" that she had felt since she was a child. Becoming aware of "Dolly", the sheep born by the world's first cloning technology in the same year, coincidentally, Aoki reflects on the blessings and curses given by chance and inevitability related to such a "selected life". Her practice explores scenographic construction to explore her personal interest in scientific investigations into cellular life and immortality.

Aoki creates paintings embroidered with lame threads that resemble soft skin, and zoetropes and installations.