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Kerolaina Linkevica

Kerolaina Linkeviča

Resident artist

Country: United Kingdom

Kerolaina Linkeviča was born in Daugavpils, Latvia and migrated to the UK at ten years old and now lives and works in Manchester. Their childhood was deeply rooted in the forest, animism, folk magic and a multiverse of computer games, which inform their multi-disciplinary practice in the UK today. Linkeviča’s work expresses and explores imaginal worlding, symbiotic entities and ontologies, ritual ceramic tools and virtual theurgic environments. They are currently exploring the artefacts of Goddess/Goddexx centred societies through haptic and digital an-archaeologies. Linkeviča seeks to inspire others to explore their origins, environments and the metamorphic ecologies of their inner worlds through making, questing and play towards the reclamation of agency and enacting of personal transformation.

Recent exhibitions and experiences include ‘SPUR' a physical show at D-UNIT, Bristol - Chaosmagic Gallery (Nottingham) X OMSK’s (Berlin) ‘SPUR’ Digital Residency - Ceramics Fellowship (Loughborough University) - STEAMhouse Blender workshops, Eastside Projects (Birmingham).

Kerolaina Linkeviča was awarded the FACT Together residency in 2021.




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