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Country: United Kingdom

hrm199 is a studio practice founded by Haroon Mirza in 2004 focusing on interdisciplinary collective and collaborative practice.

In Broken Symmetries, hrm199 collaborates with Jack Jelfs, an artist based in London. Jack’s work uses sculpture, music, video, text and performance, with a current focus on the interplay between language, consciousness and physical matter. He has released music under various aliases and performed or exhibited at venues including Tate Modern, the Barbican, Serpentine Gallery and the Roundhouse. He has degrees in philosophy (University of Liverpool) and theoretical physics (Imperial College London).



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Virtual Tour: Broken Symmetries

Explore a virtual tour of internationally touring exhibition, Broken Symmetries. Created in collaboration with Arts at Cern, this exhibition brings together artists who aim to understand and question the physical world by navigating the shifting realities of modern science.


Broken Symmetries Gallery 1 Photo by Rob Battersby