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Boedi Widjaja

Boedi Widjaja

Country: Indonesia/Singapore

Driven by first-hand experiences of migration and diaspora, the practice of Boedi Widjaja (born 1975)articulates subtle reflections on migration, memory, spatial relations and cross-cultural hybridities. Trained as an architect and with a background in graphic design, the techniques, materials and tools of drawing have become a defining element of Widjaja’s artistic practice. This is expressed through a broad range of media, from photography and new media to architectural installations and Live Art, with an emphasis on process and bodily engagement.



Book of genealogy (2021)

This work features a sculptural lightbox displays photographs taken during his first visit to his ancestral hometown, alongside 20 encoded Chinese characters depicting the generational names recorded in his family’s book of genealogy.

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Yarli Allison Cigarette Cards Ethnic Chinese Seafarers in Britain 1900s 2021 Image by Drew Forsyth

Podcast: Gaining Ground with Yarli Allison & Boedi Widjaja

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast series, Gaining Ground, hosted by our curator-in-residence, Annie Jael Kwan. In this first episode, Annie chats with artists Yarli Allison and Boedi Widjaja whose work is on display at FACT for exhibition, Future Ages Will Wonder.


Boedi Widjaja A Tree 记因 基亿 2021 Image by Rob Battersby Installation view at FACT WEB RES