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Artists selected for Worlds Among Us project



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Wysing Arts Centre, The Mechatronic Library, FACT and QUAD are pleased to announced the artists selected for Worlds Among Us – to support artists to work with new digital technologies.

The selected artists are:

Sonya Dyer, Candice Jacobs, Katriona Beales, Rebecca Allen, Ami Clarke, Wilf Speller, Anna Bunting-Branch, 555-5555

The proposals from these UK-based artists range from developing a Baroque fountain in Virtual Reality and space landscapes explored with Augmented Reality to a Game-Engine based animated film on fictional tax havens.

These eight selected artists will take part in a three-day 'clinic' at Wysing Arts Centre (13 - 15 December) where they will work closely with Werkflow, a studio specialising in Game-Engine technology, alongside curators from Wysing, FACT and QUAD. Following the clinic, the artists will have the opportunity to revise their proposals for a second selection process.

From this a new co-commission will be produced with support from the Mechatronic Library and specialist technical studios. As part of this second stage, the artists’ final works will be exhibited at Wysing, FACT and QUAD between 2018 and 2020 with an opportunity to create limited editions with digital manufacturing technology.

"Wysing, FACT and QUAD are delighted to see an overwhelming response to the Worlds Among Us open call from artists at very different stages of their careers and with different levels of digital proficiency. This clearly shows the need for opportunities of this kind in supporting a range of artists to embrace new technology. The applications have all been very strong and have surprised us by showing the many different directions that artists can take these technologies. We're really excited to meet the eight selected artists at the clinic and to see how the projects develop." - John Bloomfield, Assistant Curator, Wysing Arts Centre.

Worlds Among Us is supported using public funding from Arts Council England.