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Mark Titchner

Artist Mark Titchner to produce new public artworks with young people


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A panel of young people selected Mark and his proposed idea, which aims to make the thoughts and opinions of young people visible in public spaces.

Through an alternative advertising campaign, the artworks will be displayed in places where we normally see commercial advertising, such as on billboards, t-shirts, posters and online. Throughout 2016, the young people will work closely with Mark via a series of workshops to shape and develop what artworks will be created for their hometowns in 2017.

Mark’s artistic practice is based on the use of words and language, and his works are often designed to be encountered in public spaces, such as shopping centres, libraries, and public transport. For the Networked Narrative project, Mark will ask young people to respond to the question What is it that you want more than anything else?, encouraging them to consider either their individual lives, their communities, or the wider world. Advertising-inspired artworks will then be created based on the young people’s responses.

David Jenkins (aged 24 from Skelmersdale), part of the selection panel said: “Mark’s project had something extra special about it, making me realise that art is everywhere and can be presented on any surface, including tea towels, mugs or on the side of bin wagons.”

Mark says: ”I’m very happy and excited to have been selected by a panel of young individuals, who I will now get to work with. This project is potentially 'an advertising campaign of the mind’, placing opinions and private thoughts in shared social settings. By reaffirming the importance of the individual voice, by placing it in the heart of their towns, I hope that we can reclaim the public realm as a place for debate, storytelling and shared experiences, instead of a space for commercial interest.”