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FACT presents

Inuyashiki [15]

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ
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Runtime: 127 minutes mins

Genre: Sci-Fi

Are humans inherently good or evil? A blinding light in the night sky and an alien encounter gifts Inuyashiki Ichirou, an office worker, with alien technology and limitless powers. After being down on his luck, it turns out that these strange, new changes are just what Ichirou needs to take a new lease on life and now it seems like there's nothing to stop him from being a hero worthy of the respect that he never had before... unless there was someone else out there who also experienced similar changes.

Inuyashiki is a 2018 Japanese superhero film based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Doors: 18:30. Screening: 19:00

Part of our Beyond Human film season.


Tickets — £6-10

Part of our Beyond Human film season.

Inspired by the thought-provoking work of renowned artist LuYang, our Beyond Human film season delves into themes of identity, technology, and the human condition. Each film showcases a unique perspective on these concepts, inviting you to reflect on the nature of our existence and the interconnectedness of our lives. Prepare to be captivated, challenged, and inspired as you transcend binary understandings of the human mind and body and contemplate the boundless possibilities of existence in an ever-changing world.

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