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Bombo, Water Connections Showcase, 2017. Installation view at FACT.

Water Connections Showcase

Join us in May 2017 as we present the work created by our Indonesian artists in residence.

The works are the result of diverse connections with the theme of water, and collaborations with experts, residents and creatives across the region. Their interdisciplinary investigations will then go on to be exhibited at the UK/ID Festival 2017 in Jakarta.

The residency, carried out throughout May, has seen the curator and six artists explore the different perspectives and discourses surrounding water in Indonesia and the UK – two very distinct archipelago nations. They've dug deep into the economic, historical, political, environmental and cultural issues around water, and how this relates to its management and treatment in both countries.

For most of the artists, this has been their first time developing and exhibiting their work in the UK. The residency has given them a unique opportunity to learn from local people and immerse themselves in the community to build connections, in order to bring about mutual understanding and respect for the important issues around water.

The Water Connections Showcase is a partnership between FACT and British Council.

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