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Semiconductor, Worlds in the Making, 2011.

Semiconductor: Worlds in the Making

Worlds in the Making is the first major UK solo exhibition by British artist duo Semiconductor: Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt.

Semiconductor's work explores the material nature of the world and how we experience it. Through their installations and moving image works they investigate the process and techniques science employs to systematise the material world, and examine how our experience of reality is shaped by these mechanisms.

"The natural world is inherently chaotic, yet we endeavour to understand it by seeking or imposing systems and order; creating something out of nothing, forming methods, patterns and processes to interpret and apply meaning to matter."


By weaving together fictional and documentary elements, Semiconductor create works which blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Their works have a sculptural quality, as they manipulate the natural forms and structures through a combination of self-developed image and sound processes and techniques. Sound plays an important role as a physical material, becoming a tool to construct and introduce notions of time and motion to the seemingly fixed world around us. 

In the body of work Worlds in the Making, Semiconductor explore the origin of matter in our physical world. They introduce new possibilities, producing a mythology or science fiction that questions how science mediates our experiences of the physical world and how notions of reality are constructed through the prism of digital technology.

Commissioned by FACT and Jacqui Davies. The exhibition is made possible by the support of Arts Council England and the contribution of The Gulbenkian Residency Programme and Smithsonian Artists Research Fellowship.

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