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Vicky Truong Our Elders Foods Tools To Transform May 2021

Tools to Transform

Join us from home for two special online workshops. These workshops are open to BiPoC and have been programmed by FACT with curator in residence, Annie Jael Kwan, in response to the exhibition Future Ages Will Wonder.


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Part of the Radical Ancestry season

For this pair of workshops, FACT has invited two of the artist and organiser contributors involved in workbook Tools to Transform to activate their submissions through discussion and digital activities.

Tools to Transform is a workbook for Asian diasporic organising in Europe. Co-edited by 7 Asian grassroot networks, this workbook shares on-the-ground reflections, strategies and practices from 10 organisers and collectives working in relation to South, South-east and East Asian communities across Europe. Tools to Transform is a free online resource, aimed at artists, curators, educators, community leaders and all others interested in organising in relation to Asian diasporas and building intra and inter-community solidarities.

These workshops are open to BiPoC only and have been programmed by FACT with curator in residence, Annie Jael Kwan, in response to the exhibition Future Ages Will Wonder.

Session One

27 November

Vicky Truong leads a workshop with discussion on heritage and healing through the preparing and sharing of food.

When migration occurs, one may have to adopt a new language, way of dressing, way of conducting oneself, and many other aspects in order to assimilate. But food, well, migrants ain't letting that goodness go nowhere! Food is one of the only ways migrants connect to their cultures, ancestry and homelands.

During the Eye to Eye workshop, we will explore, share, discuss, connect and heal with food. Together, we will look at our food from different perspectives: food both as a political issue and as a tool for self-preservation. Taking into consideration that "we are what we eat", think about how powerful could it be to change the relationship to our food! Food and eating habits/rituals will help us to navigate our confrontation with identity. Given that food is an essential player, that touches many places in our lives, it becomes a powerful tool to connect us to our driving forces such as our emotions and memories. We ask participants to bring a picture of their favourite dish/snack/ingredient from their heritage (but not limited to) that they want to pay tribute to. This picture can be self-taken or one off of a search engine.

About Vicky Truong

Vicky Truong is a Berlin-based educator, activist and builder of bridges who works closely with the Asian diaspora, Migrant communities (with non-Eurocentric heritage) and LGBTQIA+ community. She has self- and co-initiated a range of projects such as Rice is Life, #Mygration, WE ARE NOT SAME SAME, I AM NOT A FORTUNE COOKIE and EYE TO EYE workshops. Her current focus is on connecting and empowering diverse communities in order to overcome systemic issues that restrict us from coming together and rising. She hopes to aid in this movement by nourishing souls through food for resilience. https://vickytruongportfolio.w...

Session Two

1 December

A writing workshop hosted by Alexis Convento, reflecting on ideas of 'ancestry' and identity through the exercises within her workbook entry.

Originally conceived as a movement-based workshop with listening exercises and guided dance improvisation, this iteration of Reclaiming our Roots, Embodying our Ancestors will exist as prompt-based writing exercises for facilitators and students alike to engage in individual and group reflection and affirmation. Writing prompts may include the (re)imagining one’s homeland prior to colonisation; a recalling of a migration story told by one’s elders; or the motherland that you desire a future generation to see. Through this work, there is a hope to unearth a deeper awareness within our bodies to empower, transform and heal the ancestral narratives that exist within us.

Who is this workshop for?

Please note that this workshop prioritises BIPoC, though all people and experiences can attend.

These exercises are made for those seeking to learn more about themselves, their homeland, and lineage. You may have little to no connection to past relatives or stories; or you may have an abundance of them. You may be an immigrant, a refugee, an expat, adopted or orphaned; come from a war torn place, or be native to a land and still feel disconnected. You may have lived through traumas (personal, familial, collective, historical, global) and are looking for ways to undo and heal them. You can simply be curious about what is unknown.

About Alexis Convento

Alexis Convento (she/her) is a Pilipinx American producer, curator and artist between Berlin, Germany and New York City. With a background in dance and many years working with big brands in marketing, her true passions turn to grassroots organising and creating community with others.

Undoing and relearning are constant themes within Alexis’ personal practice, allowing her to come closer to a pre-colonial ancestry. Whether that be through the preparation of Pilipino dishes or collaborating with like-minded BIPoC chefs under Ulam; or as part of diaspora art collective, DULA, these projects allow Alexis to forge a pathway towards truly decolonizing and reclaiming her roots. In addition, she collaborates with fellow Pilipinx American artists Jay Carlon and Angeline Meitzler as istorya-istorya, by (re)imagining the Pilipinx/a/o identity through collective research and practice in conversation, food and play.

Her inspirations are her lolas who migrated to the US in the 1960s, the non-operating family coconut farm in the Philippines, and the imagining of what a tropical future can look for those displaced from their homeland.

For additional information, visit:

Tools to Transform is led by Asia Art Activism in partnership with 6 other Asian diaspora networks across Europe, including Voices of Domestic Workers (UK), Healing Justice Ldn (UK), Unthaitled (DE), House of Saint Laurent Europe (DE), DAMN*/Deutsche Asiat*innen, Make Noise! (DE) and The Six Tones (VN/SE). This project has been supported by the European Cultural Foundation’s Culture of Solidarity award, and University of York and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

FACT is funded by Arts Council England and Liverpool City Council. This event is supported by Artsformation, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Artsformation is a research project exploring the intersection between arts, society and technology.

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Future Ages Will Wonder



Future Ages Will Wonder presents an 'alternative museum' of artworks that use science and technology to question our past and offer new ways of understanding who we are and where we belong.

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