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Takala Crean 2

Online Artist Panel

Join us for an online in-conversation between exhibiting artists Melanie Crean and Pilvi Takala.


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This talk will be hosted on Zoom. Access the panel HERE

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Melanie and Pilvi join us online to discuss their participation in the group exhibition, On the other side (on display from 1 March to 2 June). Together, they'll explore their practices, processes of collaboration, and the impact of systems of learnt behaviours and control they examine within their works.

The conversation will also surround the development and creation of each of the works Melanie and Pilvi are exhibiting as part of the exhibition. Melanie will discuss her new commission, A Machine to Unmake You (M2UY) (2019-2024), which has been produced in collaboration with imprisoned veterans at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool. Pilvi will highlight her work Close Watch (2022), based on the artist’s experiences of working covertly for global security company Securitas is one of Finland’s largest shopping malls.

The exhibited works will serve as a focal point for discussing systems of control, the everyday behaviours people learn and conform to, and how we might develop new relationships between those who hold power and those affected by it.

Header image (L-R): Melanie Crean. Image courtesy of the artist. Pilvi Takala. Image courtesy of Vilhelm Sjöström.

On the Other Side FACT2024. Photography by Rob Battersby


On the other side



Three artists consider the impact of systems of control on those who design them, those who administer them, and those who are subject to their enforcement.

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