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LuYang Screening Event

Explore the central themes of LuYang’s practice through a collection of their film works!

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ
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The Box, Ground Floor


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Join us for a screening of three of LuYang’s short films, including Uterus Man (2013), LuYang Delusional Mandala (2015) and Electromagnetic Brainology Brain Control Messenger (2018). We’ll also be showcasing DOKU, behind the scenes, a take on the creation of LuYang’s digital avatar.

Doors: 18:00. Screening: 18:30

Uterus Man (2013)

Riding on his skeletal pelvis chariot or using a winged sanitary pad as a skateboard, Uterus Man is an anime-style superhero who subverts the often distinctly sexualised genre. While the character is identified as male, the source of his powers is the female reproductive system. He has a variety of unique forms of attack: he infects his enemies with genetic diseases and fights them with monstrous babies.

LuYang Delusional Mandala (2015)

Delusional Mandala is LuYang's first video piece where they appears before the public as an anime inspired character placed in a universe created by the artist. Accompanied by anime- and sci-fi-inspired music, Delusional Mandala follows LuYang’s genderless 3D avatar’s hyper realistic journey through brain surgery, enlightenment and a funeral, mid air in cyber space.

Electromagnetic Brainology Brain Control Messenger (2018)

A schoolgirl puts on a ‘Deep Brain Stimulation’ crown and transforms into an anime character before transporting to a cityscape. Starring Japanese idol and member of the group Band Ja Naimon!, Omomoko Sunrise plays a schoolgirl armed with a special remote control. Based on technology that can influence a person’s balance by sending electrical signals to the brain, she fights a villain in a kaiju-style dance-off, a genre of Japanese film and television featuring monsters.

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LuYang Arcade Liverpool



Explore LuYang’s fantastical digital worlds in a free, interactive exhibition.



LuYang Reading Group


Join us for an online reading group hosted by Dr Pao-chen Tang, lecturer of Film Studies at the University of Sydney.

LuYang, Material World Knight (2018) still


Curator Tour


Join us for an introductory tour of LuYang Arcade Liverpool.

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