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Part of the Spring 2019 season

Join us as we partner with Writing on the Wall and LCR Pride Foundation for a screening of Lizzie. A folklore in itself, this retelling of the brutal events of 1892 centres around headstrong Lizzie Borden, who lives with her wealthy father, stepmother, and sister in Fall River, Massachusetts. Lizzie lovingly tends to her pet pigeons and is occasionally allowed out of her dimly lit, foreboding house, but otherwise lives under strict rules set by her domineering father. When her family hires live-in maid Bridget, an uneducated Irish immigrant, the two find kindred spirits in one another. Their friendship begins with covert communication and companionship that blossoms into an intimate relationship. Meanwhile, tension builds in the Borden household, and Lizzie’s claustrophobic existence becomes increasingly more oppressive and abusive, leading to its inevitable breaking point.

asks us to re-examine this famously notorious tale of of a murderous daughter: to unpick the insidious, cruel abuses of power abundant in patriarchal systems and female subjugation that can break the human spirit with such devastating consequences.

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