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Sian Fan Deity 4 2022 Installation view at FACT Liverpool Image by Rob Battersby

Livestream Discussion: Gaming in Art

Join us for a livestream event on Twitch with artist Sian Fan, games designer duo Loopntale (Youngju Kim and Hoyoun Cho) and artist Bettina Fung. Bettina hosts a conversation about gaming in art, while the group live play together.


Event passed

Tickets no longer available.

Artist Bettina Fung hosts a conversation centred around gaming in art alongside artist Sian Fan and games designer duo Loopntale (Youngju Kim and Hoyoun Cho). The online conversation considers spaces that are physical, virtual and in between, and what it means to experience game-worlds in a gallery.

Watch the the livestream back below!

Bettina Fung photov2

Bettina Fung

Bettina Fung is a Hong Kong born British-Chinese artist based in London. Her work explores and questions subjects of legacy, belonging, productivity and progress. With a strong interest in the ideas of commoning and creative collective actions, her recent works are associated with the themes of shared authorship and the dynamics within working and building together.

Sian Fan Photog Alina Zum Hebel

Sian Fan

Sian Fan is an interdisciplinary artist working in London. Her work combines movement, the female body and technology to explore embodiment, spirituality and human experience in the digital age. Coming from a mixed background (Chinese and British) her work meditates on her own fragmented sense of identity, exploring what it means to exist in an in-between state. Sian’s new commissions, Lotus Root and Deity (2022) are currently exhibiting at FACT Liverpool as part of My Garden, My Sanctuary.



Loopntale is a game designer duo consisting of Kim Youngju and Cho Hoyoun based in Seoul. Their practice exists across video games, interactive simulations, participatory theatres, and collaborative storytelling utilising social media. Pursuing games that provide the players with room for finding their own stories and interpretations in the course of repeated plays, Loopntale considers games as a form of contemplation on social and cultural phenomena. Loopntale is also organising game-making workshops for alternative game productions, as well as developing a sharing platform while exploring games as a new medium of expression.

Deity (2022)

Sian Fan is an artist based in the UK who works across sculpture, performance, film and animation to consider the ways in which virtual and image technologies affect our physical experiences. Deity is a digital performance that combines live motion capture with physical movement.

SOCIALS 1080px 72dpi FACT My Garden My Sanctuary July 2022 Image by Rob Battersby 5


My Garden, My Sanctuary



My Garden, My Sanctuary is a collection of new, immersive artworks by Yaloo and Sian Fan - two artists using creative technology to tell stories of ancestry and self-discovery in a hyperconnected world.

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