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Jenkin van Zyl Surrender 2023 Film still

Last Dance

Jenkin van Zyl presents new short film, Last Dance (2023) from the inside of a limousine parked outside FACT.

Arthouse Square
61-69 Seel Street
L1 4AZ


Event passed

Tickets no longer available.

Jenkin van Zyl’s work explores ideas of productivity, escapism, and community. On display from 20 October 2023 - 28 January 2024, Surrender (2023) immerses us in Jenkin's hallucinatory film world, centered around a gruelling endurance dance marathon and the cryptid lore of the 'rat king.' Spreading across FACT’s ground-floor galleries, Jenkin transforms these spaces into immersive environments, from a dance floor inside the belly of a rat to a trophy room lined with energy drinks.

For one night only, the installation extends beyond FACT, into the limousine that endlessly returns the film's protagonist, GRACE, to the exhaustive competition at the P.E.E.P. Hotel. Find the limousine parked at the rear of the building and take a seat inside to discover a new short film that expands Jenkin's psychotropic world.


This special free event is part of our birthday celebrations, marking 20 years since FACT opened its doors in 2003. Come and celebrate with us on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October as we look back at two decades of unforgettable moments, and look forward to what the future holds for us, you and our growing community of artists.

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Jenkin van Zyl, Surrender (2023)


Jenkin van Zyl



Surrender (2023) invites you into Jenkin Van Zyl's psychotropic film-world centred around an endurance dance marathon, and the cryptid lore of the "rat king".

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