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Primate Cinema Apes as Family 2011 Directed by Rachel Mayeri Courtesy of the Director

Film Night: Who's Aping Who


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Discover a curated selection of short films looking at primate behaviour and their relationship to human cousins, reflecting on the themes in exhibition And Say the Animal Responded?

Silly Symphonies: Monkey Melodies, 1930 (Dir. Burt Gillett), 7 min

Part of Walt Disney’s ‘Silly Symphonies’ series, black and white cartoon Monkey Melodies shows an array of monkeys dancing and singing in the jungle.

Primate Cinema: Apes as Family, 2011 (Dir. Rachel Mayeri), 12 min

The film depicts a TV drama created for primates intercut with real chimps’ responses. It creates a prism for human beings to learn about the inner world of chimpanzees.

Third film, TBA

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